Top Five Yoga Studios in Sydney

Top Five Yoga Studios in Sydney

The practice of yoga encourages effort, intelligence, accuracy, focus, and dedication. When practiced regularly, yoga can become a powerful and sophisticated discipline for achieving physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

Whether you are looking to begin your yoga journey, or seeking extra practice to further it, check out our picks for the top five yoga studios in Sydney:

In Yoga | Surry Hills
Located in the heart of Surry Hills, Nicole Walsh and Rod Galbraith's 'InYoga' studio offers an innovative and unique approach to Yoga practice. They run five key classes - Flow, Align, Rejuvenate, Yin and Prenatal - each having a different focus and technique, meaning you can find one which is tailored to your needs and goals best. If you're new to yoga, try out the 60-minute Align session, which focuses on the building blocks of yoga practice, particularly core stability, endurance and clarity of the mind. But, the truly incredible thing about InYoga is their effort to give back to the community, by offering 10% of their profits to support organisation such as OzHarvest and A Sound Life.

Flow Athletic | Paddington

Flow Athletic integrates the traditional practice and philosophy of yoga with cardio and strength training, providing a balanced approach to fitness. The teachers love to change up the routines, which means every session will offer an experience that is unique from the last. Since each yoga class has an athletic focus, you will definitely be feeling the intensity, hard work and burn.

One Hot Yoga | Potts Point
One Hot Yoga is a contemporary and luxe yoga and pilates studio located in the beautiful Potts Point. The studio offers a raft of classes which cater to all levels of experience. They include Slow Hot Flow, Power Flow, Yin Yoga, Prenatal and Pilates Reformer. Each class focuses on taking control of your own body to improve strength, physique and alignment. For your first class, try out their signature 60-minute Slow Hot Flow class where you are guided through your practice in a room heated at 37˚C. You will definitely be feeling the heat, both inside and out! 

Hom Yoga | Darlinghurst
This boutique yoga studio adds a unique, sleek and contemporary edge to regular yoga practice. They have created an exquisite space to practice in with re-milled old silvery oak timber furniture, high ceilings, and bright spacious rooms, which add a truly peaceful touch to each session. This creates the perfect setting for when they crank up that heat, since most of their classes are performed in a 38 to 40 degree rooms! 

Yoga By The Sea | Bondi Beach, Tamarama, Bronte
There is nothing more relaxing and peaceful than practicing yoga whilst surrounded by nature. Head down to Bondi Icebergs, Tamarama or Bronte Surf Clubs for an incredible yoga session with an iconic view you cannot get anywhere else. Plus, spot a dolphin during class, and you receive your next session free!
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