Top Five Euro-Summer Spots

Top Five Euro-Summer Spots

It's almost that time again... European summer! To help you get ready for your next trip, we have made a list of our top five destinations for summer. At each destination, we guarantee that you will never want to leave! So, have your SLINKII Swim and your Aegean Cotton Towel at the ready. Enjoy!


Greek Islands

With over 6000 islands to choose from, it is no wonder that we couldn’t narrow it down to just one favourite! These are just three of our top picks:

Zakynthos, Greek Islands

This beautiful green island is the largest, one of the sunniest and most picturesque islands in the Greek Islands, surrounded by the bluest water and softest white sand. Make sure you visit Navagio beach and check out the infamous exposed ocean-side coves. Zakynthos is filled with local culture, particularly renowned for its music and nightlife. Whichever night you end up here, there is sure to be a concert or festival happening!

A day without sunshine is like,you know, night. (S.Martin) #zakynthos #visitgreece #greece #endless_summer

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Corfu, Greek Islands

Located on the northern side of the Ionian Sea, Corfu is one of the more rural Greek Islands and also one of the most exquisite. It is one of the greenest islands, where the landscape is filled up with mountains, cypress trees, thousands of olive groves and coves fringed by turquoise blue water. With its rich history and vibrant nightlife, Corfu is the perfect escape for everyone.

Stunning Cape Drastis #corfu #visitgreece #greece #island

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Santorini, Greek Islands

Santorini is no secret among tourists. This island sits in the middle of the Aegean sea and draws some of the biggest crowds all year around. It boasts some of the best sea-sides and beaches of the Greek Islands, such as Red Beach which is known for the beautiful multi-colouring of its cliffs and sand. Being the perfect destination for relaxation, romance, history and culture, Santorini is a definite must in everyone’s travel itinerary.

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Lanzarote, Canary Islands (Spanish Islands)

For those wanting a little getaway from the glamour and flashiness of your typical euro-summer beach destinations, then Lanzarote may be just that. This island in the Canaries is renowned for its unique geologic formations and its UNESCO World Biosphere reserve. You can immerse yourself in nature, spending your days walking, surfing, sunbathing and camel-riding while being in the midst of the island’s unique geology and beautiful white beaches. To get off the beaten path, there are plenty of stunning lagoons, volcanic formations and hidden caves with ocean views to discover. Not only that, the island is filled with eco-friendly places, such as eco-accommodation powered by solar and wind energy. This destination is definitely a top pick for our next summer Euro-trip!

The Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve is the perfect spot for the ultimate outdoor and beach holiday. Stretched along its exquisite coastline, you will find miles and miles of staggering cliff faces, islands, caves and bays. There are endless options of both budget and luxurious resorts which give you a front row view of the landscape. With so many beaches to discover, so many outdoor activities to do and an energetic nightlife to experience, there is no doubt that the Algarve will have a firm place in our next Euro-summer holiday.


Pamukkale, Turkey

For a memorable day trip, make sure you visit Turkey’s Pamukkale. It is a truly unique natural wonder. The site features breathtaking white petrified cascades with hanging pools of mineral-rich water. It is no wonder that the Pamukkale is Turkey’s most visited attraction. If you have luckily brought your swim gear, you can even bathe in the pools!

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Sardinia , Italy

Picture this. White sands stretched along the coast surrounded by a body of clear turquoise waters. There is no noise or stress from the mainland. This is Sardinia. This Italian island rests in the Mediterranean Sea and boasts some of the region’s most alluring beaches. There are so many secret swimming spots to discover, lots of mountains to climb and long coastal trails to follow.



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