Our top 10 Yogi's to follow on Instagram

Our top 10 Yogi's to follow on Instagram

Instagram has fast become one of the best places to get inspiration in your preferred genre of training. Yoga is no exception, in fact some of the yogi's listed below are some of the most incredible athletes you will ever see. We've scoured the net to bring you a comprehensive list of our favourite yogi's. Here are the 10 yogi's we think you should follow right away.  


1. @beachyogagirl

beachyogagirl Boasting over 500,000 followers around the world, @beachyogagirl is a mind boggling inspiration. She really gives a lot of thought to her photos, and displays incredible control.  

2. @kathrynbudig

Kathrynbudig Kathryn is based in Los Angeles, and showcases her beautiful life in California. She also loves dogs which is good by us!  

3. @yogabeyond

yogabeyond Honza and Claudine specialise in acroyoga, a beautiful style of yoga that allows you to practice with a partner.  

4. @Tjhark

Tjhark Taylor brings his own brand of yoga and sometimes some funnies to his instagram account. An inspirational male yogi.  

5. @yoga_girl

yoga_girl   Rachel brings us incredible shots of her brand of yoga both on land and sea. Her paddle board yoga is simply divine.  

6.  @tarastiles

tarastiles The gorgeous NYC model, Tara Stiles brings her own brand of yoga and lifestyle to her instagram. It's always fun to see what she's going to post next... very often food! :)  

7. @brianmilleryoga

brianmilleryoga   If any of your 'muscle' male friends tell you they can't do yoga because they are too big, Brian's instagram account should quiet them down right away. Brian demonstrates incredible strength and flexibility.  

8. @chelseykorus

chelseakorus The gorgeous Chelsea Korus is a fitness model, and dedicated yogi. Follow her for a great insight in to her lifestyle both on and off the mat.  

9. @gypsetgoddess

gypsetgoddess Caitlin Turner's amazing travel/yoga shots will inspire you to bend more AND travel more. A must follow in our opinion.  

10. @laurasykora

LauraSykora Laura's instagram features some truly beautiful photography along with her yoga. Guaranteed to brighten your day... every day.
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