Fit Babe of the Week - Sophie Benbow

Fit Babe of the Week - Sophie Benbow

Introducing this week's fit babe... Sophie Benbow! This incredible babe is passionate for all things health and fitness, and is on a mission to inspire those around her. She is a law graduate and currently spends her time running which features her amazing healthy food creations, training and lifestyle tips. Also, we are so excited to announce that Sophie will be coming on board the team as a guest blogger for SLINKII.COM! Here, she will be sharing some of her exclusive healthy recipes just for our SLINKII readers. Make sure you check the blog regularly for the ultimate food inspiration.

Read below and get to know Sophie...


What has your personal health and fitness journey been like? I have been into health and fitness all of my life but in the last few years I turned to running, gym and health food as a way to feel good and deliver stress-relief. In the final year of my Law degree I wondered how I would get it all done so I started my Instagram page. It turned into a healthy distraction for me, and a way for me to monitor my own progress (little did I know I was starting to inspire other people along the way). Health and fitness has now grown into something I practice every day and has become my way of life. 

What is your biggest source of motivation? I’ve talked about this on a blog post and I find it a tough one to answer without being too broad. Of course I read magazines such as Women’s Health and I follow athletic superstars on Instagram but what has really motivated me is to see changes in myself. I think it’s more than healthy to monitor your progress with photos and this has been key in getting my butt back in the gym when I feel like I have been slacking and it has inspired me to push forward when I have seen some healthy changes that I like. I have done the same with food and kept a food library for 4 years….it has amazed me to see how my healthy cooking has developed and changed over time.
Describe an average day in the life of Sophie. Haha… two days are the same at the moment! Generally I’ll wake up and make myself a nice hot cuppa (Chai is my preference), take my gorgeous French Bulldog Henri for a walk around Centennial Park, come home and make myself a smoothie, quickly check my e-mails before heading to the gym. In the afternoon I will either work on writing posts for my blog, shoot content for my blog or write/research recipes for the following week. In the evening I might have an event to go to where I can network and see some friendly faces.

What inspired you to start your health and fitness blog SophieBenbow.comI was desperate to take my Instagram to the next level. Every photo or post I was doing was just not enough to write recipes and express myself creatively. I wanted a space that was uniquely mine and could give the opportunity for my readers to indentify with me on a deeper level!
All of your recipes look absolutely incredible!...If you were only able to keep five healthy ingredients in your kitchen to make all your meals, what would they be? Oh no…this is the hardest question!

  • Coconuts
  • Chia seeds
  • Quinoa
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Fresh Fruit

What is your favourite healthy meal for winter? Oh I just love winter food! I think coming from the UK has really developed my need to make hearty, warm and comforting food straight from the heart. I do love a good soup, chilli or curry but last year I made this epic Lentil Shepherds Pie. If you are vegetarian or vegan you must give this a try as it is full of natural goodness and will really warm you up:
Your best tip for living a healthy and fit lifestyle is... Don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up and try not to follow a strict diet/fitness plan. I’ve found my journey has been quite slow and steady, implementing rituals that I want to last a lifetime not just a few weeks. Slowly introducing different ways to stay fit or increasing your workout times and being more mindful about what you consume. Most importantly find what you ENJOY and run with it! You never know what it may lead to and what you might learn about yourself and your body.

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