Try these Simple Bodyweight Exercises to Tone Your Butt

Try these Simple Bodyweight Exercises to Tone Your Butt

Try these simple exercises to target and tone your glutes and legs. These are so easy to do at home or while traveling! No gym equipment needed.


Squats Squats Squats!

Squats are a must for anyone's glute workout! This exercise is incredible for not just your glutes, but your core and all the muscles in your legs (hamstrings, quads and calves). Squats are such a good fat burner since it works so many muscles. But, it is so important to perfect your form and technique with the squat to avoid injury. (Tip: Try to break parallel and hit full depth in your squats

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Glute Bridge

The glute bridge is just as challenging without any equipment. It directly targets your butt, and also helps to improve your hip flexibility, lower back muscles and core stability. For some extra difficulty, try adding a 1 second pause at the top of your glute bridge, and then slowly come back down to the floor. (Hint: Make sure you do not hyper-extend your back! You are more prone to injury this way.)

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Bulgarian Split-Squat

The bulgarian split-squat is an absolute personal favourite of mine! Some even argue that they are more superior to the regular squat. This movement primarily targets your glutes, but also provides a full-leg workout, hitting your quads, calves and hamstrings. This exercise is a massive fat burner and lets you focus unilaterally on each glute. So make sure you add these into your leg days!

🔑🔑🔑 Split squats and single leg dead lifts 🍑 Split squats: this workout targets the quadriceps, but also works hamstrings and glutes! Make sure to push down on your heel when extending your front leg. You can also perform this exercise with dumbbells on your sides. Single leg (stiff leg) dead lifts: I used a 10 lb kettleball with this work out! This exercise focuses on the hamstrings and also works the glutes and lower back. You should feel the stretch in your hammies and glutes when lowering down. These are great compound workouts that do an excellent job in training your balance- which is one of my biggest weaknesses! This video is sped up, but make sure to perform these workouts slowly, so that your movements are controlled and correct 😌 (I don't usually do both quads and hamstrings/glutes in one workout, but this week I'm going out of town, so I have to cram a weeks worth of workouts in three days. So I might post a video on workouts you can do on vacation! 😁😉)

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Single Leg Step-Up

This is such a good killer for your glutes and legs! Since this movement is a unilateral exercise, it allows you to focus on each leg independently, which improves symmetry and balance. Step ups also help improve your explosive leg power which will assist you in other leg workouts such as squats, lunges and sprints. This is the perfect strength builder!

Glute Kickbacks

Glute kickbacks are sure to set your glutes on fire! It is the perfect way to tone and firm your butt, since it especially focuses on isolating your the glutes. To get the maximum effect, make sure you reach a full range of motion by bringing your leg as far forward as possible and then extending your leg as far back as possible. (Tip: Avoid arching your lower back!)

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Remember, in order to get the maximum effect from body weight exercises, do multiple sets with a higher rep range (20+ reps). And, play around with adding pauses and tempo changes to the movements to intensify the workout.

To take these exercises to the next level, add your SLINKII Resistance Bands to these exercises for extra resistance and intensity. Enjoy x

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