Introducing our SLINKII Babe of the Month... Oceana (pronounced o-she-na) Strachan. This Aussie model is all about living a balanced, active and positive lifestyle. Not only does she have abs to die for, but she looks absolutely kick-ass in SLINKII too. Keep reading below to get to know this babe. 

Describe an average day in the life of Oceana.

So it really varies depending if I am shooting or not! Because I live in Wollongong, travel time takes up a lot of my day if I am needed in sydney. But usually if I am in the flow of my routine, which 70% of the time I am, I start the day at the gym around 6am. For me this really kickstarts my day and I enjoy that feeling. I will then always have a protein smoothie, while I’m drinking that I keep updated with my emails and social interaction. On the days I’m free I like to focus on my self and keep my beauty and skin care maintained. With my job I always need to make sure they are up to good standard. If I need to get any content I’ll try and organise that too, but generally my days are filled with life admin and emails. If I am shooting I’ll drive to Sydney and usually get home around 6-7pm so it’s dinner, shower bed ready to do it all over again! 

What has your health and fitness journey been like?

It’s definitely been an adventure, I was generally always an active teen and never really was active because I cared about the way I looked but more for the enjoyment or social side of it, once I stopped playing team sport I missed the feeling of regular exercise so I joined a gym but it wasn’t until that point where I realised I wasn’t exercising for the social side but more to see results in what I looked like. I was also focusing more on modelling so I didn’t want to fall into any sort of body dysmorphia, which I was lucky enough not to, but my whole health and fitness journey has been based around a positive mindset towards my body in this industry. I guess I am also lucky enough to lean towards healthier food options when I eat so diets have never been big thought in my mind. Balance is key! 

What is your source of motivation?

I definitely find my job as a model very motivating, being in front of the camera constantly and being exposed to other models and their healthy and fitness stories have motivated me. Relatable models for me would be Steph Claire Smith and Elyse Knowlse, I have definitely felt their influence over the last 5 years in the industry because I’ve watched them grow their own little empires and I feel like their body type is very similar to mine in an athletic kind of way so it gives me more confidence and motivation to keep active and feel strong not skinny. 

Favourite songs to work out to?

'Til I Collapse by Eminem, Most girls by Hailee Steinfield and anything Chris brown! 


Your favourite style of workout is?

Definitely HIIT circuits or boxing! I love fast paced workouts. 

Your go-to healthy recipe?

A quick lunch or dinner I would cook and say would be a healthy go to is salmon on a bed of fresh baby spinach with sweet potato and feta on the side.  I also loveeee like a homemade lentil and chickpea Dahl and i usually use baby spinach instead of rice as the base for that as well. 

Your top tip for someone who is wanting to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle?

Don’t compare yourself to others, take inspiration from them and keep a positive mindset.. also consistency is key. 

Your secret to happiness is...

Be in the moment and don’t let the bad days ruin the good ones. Do something each day for yourself to make your soul happy. 



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