SLINKII X Het Grote Yogaproject (The Big Yoga Project)

SLINKII X Het Grote Yogaproject (The Big Yoga Project)

The Big Yoga Project (Het Grote Yogaproject) is an incredible initiative by yoga teachers Nina and Nathalie Man Winter. The event will hold three big yoga sessions over the European summer at three unique locations: Freethiel Stadium, a castle domain Court in Saxony and St. Engelbertus Church. The proceeds will be donated to the municipality in which the event takes place. With the funds, they may choose to build and outdoor fitness center, or construct a playground - anything will create a social benefit for the municipality. If you're around during the euro-summer time, make sure you register for this event here!

SLINKII has teamed up with these beautiful ladies for the event! Check out their beautiful SLINKII outfits below:

Find out more about the Big Yoga Project in this article:


Loving their look? Shop the marble edition here.

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