Top Eco Stays Around The World

Top Eco Stays Around The World

Each of these eco resorts are recognised for their incredible effort towards environmental sustainability, conservation and preservation. To make a positive impact on your next getaway, check out our top picks for the best green resorts around the world.

(Pictured: Song Saa Private Island)


Misool Eco Resort

Sitting on a private uninhabited island, surrounded by an exquisite protected marine area and consisting of 13 bungalows made of salvaged driftwood, this resort makes the perfect eco-friendly getaway. Not only that, the resort is active in various conservation initiatives and projects, and strives to support local employment. This is the perfect tropical getaway to enjoy white coastlines and beautiful coral reefs, while also knowing that there is zero impact on the local marine resources. They are on a mission to prove that tourism can be sustainable and socially beneficial.


Six Senses Con Dao


This incredible spot incorporates the exquisiteness of a luxury resort with the environmental benefits of a sustainably operated establishment. Their passion to better the environment is made clear through all aspects of its operations. Each material, resource and sustainability system employed have been carefully considered, to ensure minimum environmental impact. You'll come across unique energy saving practices, the use of eco-friendly chemicals, minimal packaging and boost the use of local food resources. 


The Laguna Lodge Nature Reserve


Upon entry into the Laguna Lodge, you'll pass through the lush waters of Lake Atitlan by boat. The resort features luxurious suites and a restaurant that uses all natural and local produce. Not only is the resort absolutely exquisite, but their mission centres around sustainable tourism and promoting a harmonious lifestyle in the local environment. The key areas of focus are energy conservation, waster conservation, waste management, chemical reduction and recycling.  


Damaraland Camp


This spot rests in the middle of the local desert plains, where the distant peaks of the Bandberg mountain range and roaming local wildlife can be easily spotted. A unique combination of innovative new technology and traditional ancient methodology are used to operate this eco-friendly. Not only that, but the resort sources sustainable and biodegradable materials, utilises natural lighting and focuses on minimising carbon footprint.


Chumbe Island Coral Park


The resort aims to operate while imposing zero costs on the environment, and their efforts have been recognised by renowned institutions such as the UN and the Australian Institute of Marine Science. Their focus is sustainability and conservation. With the incorporation of amazing eco-technology innovations, the reserve operates on rainwater catchment, photovoltaic energy, solar water heating, composting toilets, grey-water filtration. Their shared focus on both social and commercial objectives through their business model means this project is achieves both its financial and environmental aims. So, not only do you get to enjoy all the experiences of a tranquil tropical holiday, but you get to contribute to making the world a better place!


Pacuare Lodge

Costa Rica

This spot is nestled within the resort's private reserve rainforest next to the scenic Pacuare River. The suites have a 180 degree panoramic view of the protected tropical forest, so you can wake up to the beautiful natural surroundings every morning. The lodge is recognised by National Geographic for its conservation efforts, educational programs and efforts towards sustainable tourism.

Song Saa Private Island


The Sona Saa Private Island is one of Cambodia's secluded and undeveloped islands. The landscape is filled with lush rainforests, tropical reef and white sandy coastline. Aside from the incredible aesthetics, the resort prides itself on its mission to sustain the island's natural beauty and to support the local community. Upon the resort's establishment, the owners saw the need to respond to the environmental challenges that faced the islands. This passion resonates throughout the resort, with the use of recycled materials for construction, native vegetation for meals, and recycled water for their no waste mission.



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