The Yoga Babes You Need To Follow This Month

The Yoga Babes You Need To Follow This Month

Needing to update your following list on Instagram? Make sure you follow this list of inspirational yogis who offer some of the best photographs, poses and tips.


Sjana Elise Earp


We can't get enough of this incredible yogi who captures her life moments through beautiful photography and poses. Once you start scrolling through her profile, it will be hard to stop.


Elle Fit


This is the ultimate babe to follow for yoga tips, inspiration and contagious positive vibes.


Aubry Wiltcher


Aubry shows us that there are no limits as to where you can practice, whether it is at home, surrounded by nature or travelling. This yogi is on a mission to inspire and empower.


Stephanie Birch


With a story existing behind each photo, this incredible yogi shares her love of life, yoga and writing.


Laura Kasperzak


Laura Kasperzak provides us with our daily dose of beautiful yoga poses, vibrant photography and outfit inspiration.


Amanda Bisk


This former Australian pole vaulter and now qualified yoga instructor is your all-in-one yoga, fitness and health inspiration.



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