Very Berry Breakfast Bowl

Very Berry Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast bowls have suddenly become all the rage. This Instagram worthy breakfast is not only gorgeous but also delicious! We've also added a little extra kick - get your daily dose of protein in this delectable breakfast smoothie 



1 cup frozen raspberries 
1 cup frozen blueberries 
1 banana 
1 cup ice 
1 cup coconut water
Fresh berries and nuts to top (or whatever you like!)



  1. Blend 1 cup of coconut water, protein powder, frozen berries, ice and banana until combined. (Be careful that you don't blend to much, we want the smoothie bowl to be thick!)
  2. Pour the mixture into a bowl
  3. Add your choice of topping. We suggest fresh berries and nuts. 
  4. Enjoy! 



Serves: 1

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