Day 7: Make a charitable donation


The best things in life aren’t things. Most of the time, feeling happy has nothing to do with yourself. It’s about the impact you have on other people.

You know that anticipation of giving someone a gift you know they’ll love? It’s so much more rewarding than receiving one. It’s extremely exciting and you feel warm when you make someone else smile.

Today, your challenge is to pick a charity and make a donation of some sort. It can be volunteering your time or giving up something of yours to someone who needs it more.

The first half of this task gets you thinking about the things you’re passionate about. For example, here at SLINKII we aim to have a positive impact on environmental preservation. Not only do we try to produce eco-friendly products, we also donate some of our profits to help conservation. It helps add purpose to your life if you can confidently say you care for something and fight for it. It could be animals, poverty, environmental, educational, equality- or a host of other things!

Your donation can have a profound impact. Choose wisely and make it count.   bar1

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