Fit Babe of the Week: Katie Austin

Fit Babe of the Week: Katie Austin

At the moment, we are absolutely loving fitness superstar and entrepreneur, Katie Austin. She is LA-based, and runs her own health and fitness blog, Youtube channel and manages her own line of the original workout rompers, FlauntaFit. This megababe is on a mission to inspire others to become their healthiest, happiest and fittest version of themselves. Here's a little bit about her in our interview with Katie below. Enjoy!

What was the biggest inspiration for getting involved in fitness and health? My biggest inspiration would have to be my mom, Denise Austin! I grew up traveling with her to film her TV shows and her DVDs, and always looked up to her. Also, I was an athlete my whole life and even played D1 sports in college, so fitness has always been a part of my lifestyle! 

Describe a typical day for Katie Austin. My typical day is usually SCHOOL! Haha.. but other than that, I wake up, make myself a healthy breakfast, go to class, workout at home in between classes, spend a little time on my blog, and hang out with my 7 roomies. My days are pretty routine, but since I go to school in Los Angeles (USC), there are so many different and fun activities I also go to when I have time- such as doing the Hollywood Hike, going to fun cafes, concerts, etc.! 

What is your favourite type of exercise? My favorite way of cardio is definitely dance cardio! It's such a fun way to burn calories and break a sweat. Usually when I'm dancing, I don't even realize it's a workout because it's so fun:)

If you could stick to eating one healthy meal for the rest of life, it would be... Hmmm.. this one is hard because I LOVE food. Every type of food... BUT if I had to chose one it would be something real simple and plain like brown rice, veggies and chicken! 

Your secret to happiness is… staying positive throughout everything and having a sense of humour! And working out to get those endorphins going, of course;)

What is your guilty pleasure? French fries!! 

What advice would you give for those who want to get fit and achieve a healthier lifestyle? To make your workouts a habit. For girls in school, I know it's super hard to stay consistent with your workouts, so I always say make your workout schedule just like your class schedule! Making a set weekly routine really helps me stay on track. It's also all about balance of course, so remember that the little things add up. If you have five minutes to drop down and do some abs, hey- it's better than nothing!  

Tell us about GetFitWithKatie.

When did you start sharing your workouts? I started a little over a year ago! It was more just for fun and for a hobby while I was still in school, but only in the past year I have decided to take it seriously as a career. I love what I do!

What sort of training can we expect? I love dance cardio, but I do more HIIT workouts and basic follow along toning videos. For all parts of your body! 

What has been your biggest challenge creating an online business? My biggest challenge would be differentiating myself from everyone else. There are so many different amazing women who have health blogs, etc., so finding my own path and using my uniqueness to stand out. 

Head to where you can find ebooks, workout videos, recipes, lifestyle tips and more! :) Also, don't forget to check out Katie on Instagram for some incredible fitness motivation.

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