Pia in Grazia Australia: Social Media Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Pia in Grazia Australia: Social Media Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Earlier this month, I was able to share my top tips for budding entrepreneurs with Grazia Australia. The social media platform has been a keystone to my success with SLINKII Athletic. Read my top tips below, and head to to check out the article in full. Enjoy!


A snippet of my top tips for making the most of social media to grow your business:

Cover your bases:

"Firstly, the best piece of advice [Pia’s business and life partner] Kane Vato gave me was simply ‘Build a website’. You need to create a home base. Even if you don’t yet know exactly what your product or business is going to look like, if you know the industry that you’d like to be in it’s not the worst idea to create a website straight away."

Consistency is key:

"With social media, there has to be consistency. Think about exactly what kind of industry you want to operate in, and just post content directly related to it. You’ll soon build an audience who share an interest in that area."

Be realistic:

"When starting out with a small business, don’t waste time waiting for perfection... instead of working toward an unobtainable idea of perfection and holding off your launch, it’s sometimes best to launch and [work toward] a perfect product or service that you can evolve on."

Just do it:

"I think if you just get out there and back yourself, you’re the only person who will promote you as best you can. You just have to take that risk, and sometimes that’s what means you’re going to succeed because there’s no other option! You have to try your best..."

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