How to Create Your Own Yoga Oasis at Home

How to Create Your Own Yoga Oasis at Home

The perfect yoga space should be soothing, comfortable and peaceful. It can serve a multitude of purposes, such as mediating, reading and yoga. Here are our tips for creating your own unique yoga sanctuary in the comfort of your home.

1. Location

Create your space:

  • De-clutter the space and remove anything that will distract you from your practice. For the ultimate relaxing space, make sure there is no mess in the room. 
  • Colour is essential to setting the perfect vibe for your oasis. Try using calming colours such as shades of white, light blues and natural tones.
  • Lighting will help set the perfect mood. Play around with dim lamps or white curtains to adjust the lighting to what's most relaxing for you. 
  • Scent is a fun touch to add to the room. Choose candles, incense, or aromatherapy with relaxing scents such as vanilla, coconut or florals.

2. Yoga Essentials

For your practice:

  • Yoga mat from
  • Blanket to help support various positions, add comfort or add warmth when meditating.
  • Bolster is another greater prop to add into your yoga practice. They help with performing postures, opening the body and adding comfort.
  • Block can be used for almost every yoga posture and will assist in extending and lengthening your body. 
  • Sandbag for getting deeper into poses and for relaxation.

3. Accessorise Your Space

Make it unique:

  • Plants such as succulents, palms and any other beautiful greenery to bring nature to your yoga practice and purify the air.
  • Floor pillows can be thrown around the space and used for comfort and relaxation.
  • Sculptures and ornaments or anything else to help tailor your oasis to what's perfect for you!


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