Meet this month's babe... Renee Siljeg! This mega babe is on a mission to inspire all women on their fitness and wellbeing journey. What began as a love for pilates, has turned into owning her very own luxury pilates studio in Perth where she teaches everything from TRX and barre, to every form of pilates you can think of. On top of being an inspiring entrepreneur, she runs a beautiful Instagram page (@_pilates_house_) and is a busy mother of two. Get to know this kick-ass babe below...

Tell us about how your fitness and health journey started. My health and fitness journey started 15 years ago, when I met my husband Nick. He was training everyday and it became something I fell in love with too! Previous to that, I had barely stepped foot in a gym (I didn't even own activewear, I literally wore pants to my first gym session!) I had no idea how amazing exercise makes you feel, the energy it gives and the empowering strength it nurtures-physically and otherwise...and so the journey began...

Describe an average day in the life of Renee. On a typical day, I’m out of bed at 5am to get ready to teach my first class. A great outfit and a little lippy helps me to feel fresh and motivated! I arrive to the studio at 5:30am where I prepare for the session and class style I have planned for (drinking coffee is an essential step in that process) The class starts at 6am and runs for an hour. I race back home to get my two kids ready for school (they are 10 and 7 and are my everything!) I drive them to school and then I head straight back to Pilates House for the morning block of classes. Everyday since we met, Nick and I have met for lunch at different cafes around Perth. I often use that time to do some business admin, draft programs and take some snaps for social media. The following few hours are FREE and how I spend them changes..catch ups, shopping, cleaning, coo..(not often..) but cooking, outdoor running, Pilates, gym, relaxing, running errands.. Before I know it its time to collect my kids from school. They both have after school activities everyday but Friday-this is the most hectic part of my day. Im home for a little while to spend time with the fam before leaving to teach the evening sessions at the studio. By 8:30pm, Im home in time to read with the kids and then watch a movie with Nick...ZZZZzzzzz

How did your love for pilates begin, and what inspired you to start Pilates House? My love for Pilates began in 2010, after the birth of my daughter. I was searching for a new way of exercise and one that would help to restore my body. I became obsessed, it was unlike anything I had done before. Pilates is challenging and fun and makes you feel incredible! I started teacher training not long after, and began working in 2012. Five years on, I felt it was time to start a new chapter. Starting my own studio was both a terrifying and overwhelmingly exciting thought. I want to grow; as a teacher, a business woman and person in general, and so decided to take the leap!

What would you tell people who have never tried pilates and may be afraid to start? For those who are new to Pilates, and may be scared to start... I would say, DON’T BE! Pilates is for every body, any age, all backgrounds and each level of capability. The repertoire is adaptable to suit everyone and everybody would benefit from the method... it strengthens, lengthens, tones, stabilises and balances from the inside out..whats not to love? Go for it!

Your biggest source of motivation is... Im a firm believer that true motivation comes from within. We can be inspired by external influences- money, pride, power, popularity, competition, success- but in the end, they only serve the ego. Im motivated by the idea of collecting experiences in life to uncover more of who I am, to fell connected to those I love and to create and follow a path that is authentic and joyful.

Your secret to happiness is... My secret to happiness is to not take too much too seriously. If we can all tap into the feeling of inner strength, there is not much we couldn't overcome. Sometimes, I think there are two of me; there is the human me and there is another within, a quiet, wise, powerful presence. For me, happiness comes from feeling free to take life as it comes, some times good, others bad..either way, grateful, knowing that the person inside is an unbreakable witness to the experiences we are so lucky to have in life.




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